Paul Bourcq was raised in Franklin NC, the heart of some of the best trout fishing in the southern Appalachian mountains. As a self taught fisherman and outdoorsman, Paul learned from an early age how to succeed in the outdoors with very little gear or formal training.

Paul Bourcq

Business man, marketing guru, stone cold killer, work-a-holic….these words and many others like them have been used to describe Drift Media’s own Bo Adams. In his current role as the Director of Sales and Marketing for Drift Media…

Bo Adams


Jeremiah has been working as a professional CG Artist/Motion designer for the past 14 years. He first worked on many TV commercials as a CG Artist before moving to various works and functions: Lead Lighting, Lead Animator, Artistic Director, TD, CG supervisor, etc.

Jeremiah Hamilton
CG Artist/Motion designer

Building a brand an image is what I eat, breathe, and sleep from every aspect of its being. In recent years, work with various government and private companies has taken me all across North America and around the world, from the mountainous terrain of South Africa, to the glacier capped peaks of New Zealand. When it comes to finding your iconic brand to separate your image from the rest that is what I specialize in, so let me make your image stand out.

Zack Moye

If you are not putting out relevant content in relevant places, you don’t exist.  Michele has 20 plus years in the hunting and shooting industry.

Michele Meanley

Walt’s passion for filming and creating stories drives projects to their maximum potential.  There is never a stone left unturned.  He is also the architect at Drift Media Productions.  He takes pride in the editing process and ensures the story is being told the way it was intended.

Walt Gabbard


Our team takes pride in longstanding relationships with clients. Building the strength between consumers and brands though active and authentic user experiences

Every great campaign starts with a great team.
As end users of the products we represent, the Drift Media Team is with you every step of the way.
Together, we generate and organize the often hectic creative process involved with launching new products and marketing campaigns.
What do people say about you when you aren’t in the room?
This is your brand.
With an increasingly saturated market it takes nearly fanatical attention to detail to ensure every touch with a consumer is telling your story.
Association is a powerful tool.
Your logo is the gateway to the consumer and the ultimate selling point.
The team at Drift Media has been behind the design of some of the most compelling brands of our generation.
Perception is reality. Consumers are the windows to the product and brands we represent.
Tactical advertising and editorial content are king in ensuring consumer experiences are utilized as an asset and not a liability.
Know tour consumer, know your competition.
The best product in the world will fail if it isn’t put in front of influential people.
Simple in nature, difficult in execution.
Drift Media utilizes real time data to identify consumers, competition, and dial in the demographic that move the needle for your business.

If you don’t know where you are going any road will take you there.  With award winning designers, producers, and graphics artists we handle all of your projects in house.  Speed, quality, and attention to detail.  It’s what keeps us up at night.

Its well known that it takes 3 touches to make a memorable user or convert a sale.
In a digital age, nearly every client we have tasks Drift with creating compelling brand videos for use in multi platform approaches.
An advertiser has and average of 3.5 seconds to capture a viewer or reader’s attention
Cutting edge graphics are affordable and an excellent way to engage consumers.
Great campaigns start with great visuals. The award winning visual effect and design team at Drift Media can build “anything you can imagine”.
From photo realistic products to concept pieces.
Out background working in cinema and the largest brands of our generation  has prepared us to offer the outdoor industry the quality effects it has always deserved.
Magazine articles and associated content are an excellent resource and very cost effective advertising platform.
The item a Drift can design, build and deliver print ads for a variety of budgets and demographic targets.
Frequency, and metrics are the benchmarks for successful commercial campaigns.
From creative, creation, placement, tracking, we can help a little or a lot to increase your ROI on commercials.

We are end users of the products we represent.  Our ad team has been behind the scnes on the  brands of our generation.  The best campaigns in the world fail if the right people don’t see them.

The most complex two words ever written.
We work hand in hand with marketing managers(misspell) and brands to implement proven advertising channels.
Our clients out family, and your success is out success.
This is your stake in the ground.
your battle plan.
Drift Media has written and executed countless marketing plans for our clients.
From complete quarterly or yearly plans to consulting on existing plans, ouyr team has a combined century of experience ensuring the first step in the right direction.
Every major company in the outdoors is expected to have an actively engaged social media audience.
With the majority of the world glued to their smart phones social media is the most powerful platform of our generation.
Our specialty is drilling down extremely specific demographics to advertise to on social media.
We place ads based on minute to minute user data to maximize the ROl on Social Ads.
And we deliver metrics every step of the way.
Magazine articles.  booth design,  writers round tables,  forums……. a segment that requires an immense amount of time but pays ultimate dividends.
Our Drift Team coordinates and delivers editorial and copy for our clients.
A multi platform approach with honest.  inspired.  copy is the key to increasing brand equity.
The drift team spent 81 days on the road in 2016 representing companies in PR capacities.
Answering consumer questions,  making connections.  and explaining strategies for buying groups and partners about brand campaigns and media.


Why Choose Us?

We're Creative

Creativity is the lifeblood that surges through the office.  Every project, every day, every frame.

We're Punctual

Deadlines are deadlines.  Everybody deep down inside loves the pressure to perform.  We know it very well here.

We Have Magic

Ask anyone here if they would rather film or hunt or fish and things get interesting.  From world champion anglers to world champion shooters our team is obsessed.

We Love Minimalism

Confident messaging conveys complex ideas as quickly as possible.

We're Responsible

Budgets are budgets. We solve problems and get the job done.  With everything done in house we have the ability to treat every project as family.  The same as the first day we started.

We Have Conviction

Our team is built on family. Our driving is force is not wanting to fail each other or our clients.  This is what keeps us up at night.


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